The Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts for Her

The Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts for Her

Are you shopping for unique Christmas gifts for her but are out of ideas? Perhaps you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a woman who has it all? Then you should know that there’s nothing better than a beautiful piece of jewellery. After all, everyone knows the best gifts come in small packages... and particularly in small packages with ‘Pomegranate’ on them...

If you need some ideas, here are a few of the best Christmas jewellery gifts for her. From colourful statement rings, to dainty pendant necklaces, there is a vast choice from our selection online and even more in store. We love helping our customers make the perfect selection and are on hand to answer questions and work through all ideas!

Our Top Selection of Jewellery Gifts For Her This Christmas

[1] The Everyday Hero

Cupcake Drop Earrings in Chalcedony, £35

Our much loved cupcake drop earrings are a year-on-year favourite, with customers coming back to purchase them in as many gemstones as possible. These come in a kaleidoscope of colours but we have selected our tried and tested best selling option, chalcedony. Gift perfection!

[2] The Perfect Hoop Earrings

Athena Hoop Earrings, £40

Our Athena Hoops are the new in-store favourite - these click easily into place and are easy-wearing and elegant. 

[3] The Pop Of Colour Bracelet

Sweetie Station Bracelet, £30

Another perennial best seller seen here in our latest combination of amethyst, blue topaz, iolite and chalcedony - delightful on its own or worn stacked up with other bracelets.


[4] The Talking-Point Cuff Bracelet

Jaali Cuff Bracelet, £325

Our signature statement bracelet in glistening gold and with a hand-worked fretwork design detail - the perfect addition to any party outfit and guaranteed to add festive glamour!

[5] The Statement Necklace

Aquamarine Bib Necklace, £2350

Take a look at some of our limited edition pieces now online also. These pieces are all one of a kind and incorporate lots of unusual gemstones therefore making them super special gifts. We love this luscious aquamarine bib necklace! When it comes to buying jewellery, sometimes it is an excellent idea to break away from the norms and aim to find pieces made from unique materials. When people talk about gemstones, diamonds and rubies are often the first stones that spring to mind. However, jewellery made using unique stones like labradorite, prehnite and aqua chalcedony will be just as beautiful and unique and can be a great talking point. Introduce the special woman in your life to these stunning gemstones.

[6] Party Perfect Earrings

Ellen Diamond Set Earrings, £495

Let her sparkle throughout the festive season with these diamond set earrings. The earrings are an elegant, elongated pear shape and even the hook fixture is inset with twinkling diamonds. They’ll make the perfect jewellery gift for her!

[7] The Charm Necklace

Eye Spy Necklace, £65

Our version of the evil eye motif, designed to protect the lucky wearer. The necklace and pendant are in sterling silver and this is always a wonderful choice because it is durable, versatile and luxurious. In addition to this, sterling silver jewellery is also extremely easy to maintain. All you have to do to prevent tarnish is wear it! If your jewellery does discolour, there are lots of effortless ways to restore it back to its original shine.


[8] The Diamond Necklace

Halo Diamond Necklace, £120

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a stunning diamond necklace. Diamonds have been called ‘a girl’s best friend’ and they are a traditional stone used in wedding and engagement rings. Diamond jewellery is available at every price point, so whether you want to blow the budget or not, you will be able to find a beautiful item. If you are looking for reasonably-priced special diamond jewellery, Pomegranate’s Halo Diamond Necklace is a stunning multi-set diamond pendant.

[9] Finger Candy

Fiora Ring, £60

Spoil her with our adorable Fiora gemstone ring, selected here in wearable sterling silver and blue topaz. Take a look at our previous blog post on ring sizes to be sure about how to purchase the right size!

[10] Gift Card!

Available online at £25 and £100 but can be made up to any value youwant.

Still stuck on the best jewellery gifts for her and uninspired by our selection above… a gift card could be the perfect solution! Whilst gift cards may sometimes receive a bad rap because they can be viewed as impersonal, there are many reasons why they are fantastic. It’s the only way you can be sure that the receiver will get to choose exactly what they wish and in the size that best fits them.

For more inspiration for jewellery gifts ideas for her

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