Earrings Cocktail

Find Your Perfect Cocktail Earrings at Pomegranate

It must be said that you can never have too many cocktail earrings! So, find your perfect long drop earrings at Pomegranate. We stock a stunning and extensive selection.  All our styles are adorned with an array of colourful gemstones. These gemstones will add a real pop of colour and interest. Our gemstones are sourced from our trusted dealers in Jaipur, India.  Katie, the founder of Pomegranate, has been travelling to India for many years. This long-established trade with our workshops in India ensure an ethical supply chain and trusted sources of gemstones.  The gemstones used include green amethyst, tanzanite, opal, moonstone and pearl. Our beautiful long earrings are crafted in precious metals, either high carat gold or sterling silver.

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Each set of cocktail earrings are made by one of our trusted workshops in India. Our Jaipur family have centuries of expertise between them and we are in constant awe of their craft and creativity. Select from the exquisite bead work seen on the Sara Double Circle Earrings and Waterfall Earrings or the intricate setting work see in the Mohini Earrings.  If you are looking for a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, it is hard to overlook the classic beauty of these earrings. They also make wonderfully personal and timeless gifts for loved ones of all ages.

Visit us at our Kensington Square store in London to see our selection of evening earrings. We would be delighted to talk you through the range. Or simply browse our cocktail earrings range online to find the perfect purchase for you today.