A Heart-Felt Welcome From Pomegranate Gemstone Jewellery

At Pomegranate, we pride ourselves on adorning our customers with stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. Our collections are designed by Katie and each piece is expertly crafted in Jaipur, India. The Pink City remains ever the main inspiration and Katie’s journeys there, spanning 2 decades, have defined our aesthetic. The tradition of jewellery making in India is unparalleled and we aim to carefully combine age-old techniques of, to name but a few: kundan setting, jadau work and hand carved gemstones with a modern design sensibility. Our handmade gemstone jewellery pieces are individual and have an idiosyncratic East meets West expression.

About Pomegranate Gemstone Jewellery

After a decade plus selling on a stall on Portobello Road, and in many other drafty locations besides, Katie finally set up shop in 2008 on Kensington Square. This Kensington jewellery shop, located on a beautiful garden square in West London, has been a happy platform to exhibit our collections and we have established a loyal - and bejewelled - following.

A random meeting in a black London taxi in 1999 introduced Katie to Nic and to a life-long love of Indian jewellery. Dealing initially in antique Indian silver and fine-crafted pieces of gold, the collections developed into silver ranges with a broader appeal, but always maintaining a loyalty to the origins and initial outposts of the business. We embrace it all - the humble stud earring to splendid, statement necklaces and our pieces are always made in precious metals - either sterling silver or high karat gold.

Katie trained as a gemologist at the GIA and her love of all things gemstone define the collections in store. Never happier than pawing at packets of gemstones and sifting through them, she hopes to source the esoteric and extraordinary and will be delighted to tell you all about her latest finds. From vividly coloured petrol fluorites to Burmese rubies to dreamy Sleeping Beauty turquoise - the colourful world of nature’s bounty live large in her designs.

The long-established trade with our workshops in India ensure an ethical supply chain and trusted sources of gemstones. Our Jaipur family have centuries of expertise between them and we are in constant awe of their craft and creativity. It is our honour and privilege to work with each and every one of them.

We champion the artisanal and hand made, the unique and irreplicable. By buying from us you support the craftspeople that maintain these ancient traditions of gemstone jewellery making and these traditions must be preserved and cherished.

Throughout the shop we display wondrous, magical reminders of this - weighty antique Gujarati torc necklaces, well-worn lingham caskets from Kerala and intricately beaded nath earrings from Rajasthan.

We are in the process of updating our website and loading a broader range of our gemstone jewellery UK collections - so please bear with us and keep checking in.

How To Find Us

We are approximately a 5 minute walk from High Street Kensington Tube Station at 8 Kensington Square.

Please note that we are open 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Please come and stop by our Kensington shop!