Pomegranate opened in 2008 on Kensington Square, a beautiful garden square just off Kensington High Street in West London. Since opening, the shop has established a loyal and bejewelled following.

Katie has worked in the jewellery trade since 2000 and trained as a gemologist at the GIA. Her designs are sold in the Kensington shop and also in many independent jewellers in the UK and abroad.

Our long established trade in India ensures an ethical supply chain and trusted sources of gemstones.  Our designs are hand made in limited quantities and many of our designs are one of a kind; using distinctive, free size gemstones. 

This is a magic fruit,
so when you split it open, be prepared
for the jewels of the world to tumble out,
more precious than garnets,
more lustrous than rubies,
lit as if from inside.
Each jewel contains a living seed.
Separate one crystal.
Hold it up to catch the light.
Inside is a whole universe.
No common jewel can give you this.

Excerpt from 'How to Cut a Pomegranate’
by Imtiaz Dharker