6 Spectacular Limited Edition Jewellery Picks


All of our collections are made in small production runs and many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind creations, using unique, free-size gemstones and incorporating individual, hand crafted settings.

We are proud to stand out amongst the morass of the mass produced and it is for this reason that many of our customers buy from us repeatedly - they are buying something as singular and special as they are.

In our latest blog, I highlight some of my favourite pieces from our current collections of limited edition jewellery. I hope you love them.

Nefertiti Tourmaline & Diamond Necklace

Nerfertiti Tourmaline & Diamond Necklace

The sheer patience and skill involved in stringing this necklace is the thing that sets this piece aside. The lines are strung with tiny beads - in a pleasing mix of silver and gold tones - and these are all individually placed and then interspersed with hanging pendants set with tourmaline and diamond gemstones.

Whilst this is a statement necklace it still has a delicacy and fineness that makes it wearable also. It is really important to me that our pieces are comfortable and easy-wearing and a lot of consideration in the design process goes into checking this.

Bibi Beryl Necklace Model Shot

Bibi Beryl Necklace

On our last trip to Jaipur, Jackie and I spent a fair amount of time piecing all these Bibi necklaces together. Mapping out the gemstones for hours in our workshop there and the endless scrutinising and re-placing has an almost meditative rhythm to it.

Both aquamarines and emeralds are part of the beryl family of gemstones and in this particular necklace you find a mix of aquamarines, heliodors, morganites and green beryls and I adore the modulating, tonal colours and the gentle glisten of these cabochon cut gemstones.

Carved Iranian Turquoise Earrings

Carved Turquoise Earrings

If you have ever heard me talk about my work before, then you know I love two things: carved gemstones and natural turquoise. When we are on our buy trips we go to a huge effort to seek out natural turquoise ([the majority on the market is reconstituted and dyed to oblivion) and these earrings came from a luscious piece of Iranian turquoise that we happened upon and the resulting gemstone slices were then beautifully hand carved with stunning Mughal-inspired floral flourishes.

Mateja Tourmaline Earrings

Mateja Tourmaline Earrings

We have often set diamond slices in this mosaic like configuration and it the first time that we have done so with multi coloured tourmalines. I just love the effect this has - almost like a stained glass window, radiating all the colours within it.

These earrings are super-sized to an almost outrageous extent - but I love them particularly for this reason and despite being large in scale, and due to the fact they are hand-made, they are still light & easy-wearing.

Hand Crafted Tricolour Tourmaline Ring

Tricolour Tourmaline Ring

This gemstone was a rare find and really a collector’s item - determining that this is a truly unique piece. This tourmaline gemstone has visible lines of colour displayed: green, yellow and pinkish-red. I couldn’t resist it and it has been simply set in gold and is just a piece of nature’s art sitting on your finger.

Kelly Multicolour Sapphire Cuff Bracelet

Kelly Multi Sapphire Cuff

Life the Bibi Necklaces, we spend a lot of time mapping out the gemstone configurations for this design also. Sapphires are not just the standard blue hue that people associate them with, but are found in a broad range of hues and I love all these colours mixed in together and the harmony of the gemstone colours set against each other.

Each of our Kelly Cuff Bracelets is one of a kind with each gemstone hand-selected by us and handmade accordingly.

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