Birthstones by Month

Traditionally each month of the year has been associated with a particular gemstone. Desipite some of these gemstones changing over the years, they've broadly remained the same and provide a great birthday gift choice. Read on to find out more...BIrth month gemstones guide

January - Garnet

Although most commonly thought of as being red, Garnet is one of many gemstones that occurs in a wide variety of different colours. Garnets are associated with a variety of myths and ancient warriors believed garnets brought victory.

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February - Amethyst

Amethyst is typically a vibrant purple/lilac colour and as well as being the birth stone for February, it's also typically used to celebrate 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Cleopatra is said to have worn an engraved amethyst ring and the ancient Greeks believed that the stone could cure drunkenness!

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March - Aquamarine

Depending on the cut, Aquamarine can sometimes appear similar to the Emerald in colour, but are typically more akin to the colour of the sea and light blue in colour through to more of a blueish green. The gem is considered perfect for gifting and often has high levels of clarity.

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April - Diamond

The most sought-after gemstone of them all, the diamond is the birthstone for those born in April. The word diamond is taken from a Greek work which means unbreakable, fitting as the diamond is the toughest of all gemstones, made of just one element, carbon.

Although diamonds are known for being clear and colourless, diamonds can actually be found in a variety of colours including red, pink and blue.

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May - Emerald

Emeralds are known for their bright, brilliant green colour making them perfect for use in statement jewellery. As with many gemstones, the word Emerald is derived from the Greek word smaragdus, which means green. The deeper and more vivid the green, the rarer and more valuable an Emerald becomes.

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June - Moonstone/Pearl

Moonstone has a beautiful ethereal quality to it, sometimes more milky looking, other times more translucent. The clearer and more colourless the stone, the higher its value. 

Those born in June might prefer the timeless beauty of the pearl however, with its pearly white iridescent nature making it one of the easiest of gemstones to identify. Pearls make the Ideal choice for classic, timeless jewellery whilst moonstone makes a more contemporary choice.

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July - Ruby

Rubies are the birthstone for those born in July and remain one of the most highly prized of all gemstones. Generally bright red, Rubies look stunning incorporated into statement jewellery pieces.

Rubies obtain their vibrant colour from the presence of trace amounts of the element chromium and the biggest Ruby ever found is called the 125West Ruby, weighing an enormous 8.2 lbs, coming in at 18,696 carats.

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August - Peridot

Peridot gemstones are formed under extreme conditions and can be found inside hardened lava and even inside meteorites from space! The best examples of the gemstone are normally a light, fresh green colour and they are unusual because it’s only found in this one colour unlike most other gemstones that can vary in colour.

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September - Sapphire

Although generally thought of as bright, brilliant blue, Sapphires actually occur in other colours too. Sapphires have long been associated with royalty and thanks to its vibrant colour, lends itself well to dramatic, statement jewellery.

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October - Tourmaline/Opal

We love Tourmaline thanks to the gorgeous array of rainbow colours that it comes in. It's such a versatile gemstone, so those born in October aren't quite so limited in their options and can choose a Tourmaline in their favourite colour!

Opals are more traditionally regarded as the birthstone for October. Opals tend to exhibit flashes of iridescent colour and they have been mined in Australia since 1875. 

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November - Citrine/Topaz

The birthstone for November is Citrine, the transparent yellow to brown/orange variety of quartz and has been used in jewellery for many thousands of years.

Alternatively, those born in November can choose from the more traditional Topaz, a highly sought-after gemstone that occurs in a range of lovely colours from blue to pink and even black!

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December - Tanzanite/Turquoise 

The December birthstone is Tanzanite, a rare gemstone that can only be found in Tanzania and /believe it or not, this gemstone is actually rarer than diamonds! Colour wise, Tanzanite can be found in a very light blue all the way up to dark blue, with some purple hues thrown in for good measure.

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