Our Beautiful Block Printed Cotton Pouches - Pomegranate Packaging

As many of you may know our jewellery arrives beautifully packaged in our distinctive, block printed cotton pouches.  We fell in love with the clothes and home accessories by a company in Jaipur and managed to convince them to make up pouches for our jewellery in their end of line and left over fabrics.    Using up their remnants and odds and ends makes for a mutually happy-making, working relationship.     

Block printing

We wanted to make sure that our packaging was not just a single use, throw away item but something that would last.  It gives us great pleasure to see our customers using our pouches that they have had for years.  Additionally, we wanted to use something that is as pretty as the jewellery purchased and that teams up with our love of the hand made and hand crafted. The pouches are made of traditionally block printed cotton fabrics and this is an ancient craft requiring great skill and manual dexterity.  Read on to find out more...

The Traditional Block Printing Process

Our cotton pouches are created specifically from traditional Indian block print fabrics. Block printing is an ancient art in India and the earliest form of textile printing which involves the process of applying patterns to fabric using engraved, incised wooden blocks.  

Block Print Wooden Incised Blocks

Carved wooden blocks are used to print elaborate patterns on fabric, often a pure white base fabric. The patterns can be abstract and geometric or, the ones we love the most, incorporate floral motifs. It often takes multiple carved blocks, many days and a team of people to create a single design. 

Block printing

Jaipur is a renowned centre of many handicrafts, including textiles, and due to sustained royal patronage of the arts in the city, these arts have been aloud to flourish and sustain. The precision and skill required to create these prints is breathtaking and they rely still on the same, age-old techniques.

Inspite of the intrusion of mechanical processes, synthetic dyes and chemicals, the art has survived. Some synthetic dyes may have replaced some natural dyes but the resists and their application, the processes and their sequences have undergone little change.

Rajasthan Printing Centres 

Responsibly Produced

The block print fabrics that are used in our pouches are produced in a unit in the Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park. This industrial eco-friendly textile park is located in Bagru, which is 25 kms away from Jaipur.

This park accommodates hand-block printing units and uses a common effluent treatment plant, harvests & recycles water and promotes socially responsible health along with safety standards in the production process. “Texcraft Park” is a joint project of the Jaipur Bloc. 

Japiur Bloc is the European Commission-funded SWITCH Asia Project called “Sustainable Textiles for Sustainable Development” and the Government of India’s “Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks.”

Which Pouch Will You Receive?

We receive random quantities of our pouches, for the reasons stated above, and in varying sizes. The selection of your pouch will also be random and the image shown of our pouches gives an idea only of the type of pouch you will receive.

Thank you for your understanding.