Magnificent Morganite and Some Of Our Favourite Pieces

Morganite might not be a gemstone you're overly familiar with, so we wanted to give you a bit of insight into what we think is a fabulous gemstone and reveal some of our favourite Morganite jewellery pieces...

Audrey Morganite Cuff Bracelet

Part of the Beryl family of minerals which also includes emerald and aquamarine, Morganite is generally a pinky orange colour stone whose subtle colour is the result of traces of manganese. 

For those that like delicate pinky tones, Morganite is a great gemstone to choose and it looks gorgeous in a silver or gold setting, but we particularly love it set in gold.

Facts About Morganite

  • Unlike gemstones like Tanzanite, Morganite can be found in countries all over the world, but most of the supply comes from mines located in Brazil.
  • Morganite is rated at 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale, making it a relatively hard gemstone.
  • The Guiness World Records, reports that the largest piece of uncut morganite ever found weighed in at a whopping 600 carats, equivilent to 1.38Kg.
  • Light coloured morganite can be treated with heat or irradiation to increase the depth of colour.
  • Morganite can be similar colour and appearance to Diamonds, but is a more affordable gemstone choice.
  • For those born in October, Morganite is their birthstone, associated with the astrological sign of Libra.
  • In addition to being used in jewellery, Morganite is used in the manufacturing of electronic components.

Some Of Our Favourite Morganite Jewellery

Pebble Carved Morganite Necklace £195.00

An organically shaped pendant necklace set with a carved morganite gemstone.

This pendant necklace features a hand-cut morganite gemstone, made with gold plated sterling silver on a 16" gold chain.

Kelly Morganite Cuff Bracelet £995.00

A beautiful cuff from the latest range of our gemstone laden Kelly Bracelets. Each gemstone in these pieces is hand selected and we choose specifically free-size, organically formed stones making each cuff individual and one of a kind.

Peachy Long Moonstone & Morganite Necklace £495.00

A limited edition, longer length necklace set with a beautiful combination of gemstones. Peach coloured moonstones and sapphires are set alongside beautiful blue aquamarines. 


Audrey Morganite Cuff Bracelet £455.00

A gorgeous cuff set with morganite gemstones.  Each gemstone in this Audrey collection of gemstone cuffs is hand selected and we choose specifically free-size, organically formed stones; giving the design an individual charm.

Bibi Morganite Bib Necklace £1,695.00

A mesmerising, one of a kind necklace set with morganite gemstones. Morganite is a variety of the beryl mineral and is known for its appealing pastel shades of pink or peach.

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