The Perfect Present - Pomegranate Jewellery Gift Cards Now Available

We know that choosing the perfect present isn't always easy, especially when it comes to jewellery. With so much to choose from, if you're struggling to decide on the ideal gift, our gift cards could be the answer you're looking for!

Pomegranate Gift Cards

We're delighted to introduce our new gift cards, which allow you to choose a value of £25 and upwards. If you're looking for a custom amount that isn't listed, just get in touch with us for a gift card of any value you like.

As well as providing you with the flexibility of choosing any amount you wish, our gift cards have no expiry date, so there's no fear of them going to waste!

Why choose a Pomegranate gift card?

  • A gift card provides the recipient with maximum flexibility, allowing them to choose a piece of jewellery they love, removing the guess work for you!
  • No expiry date, so they can be used whenever the recipient wishes to use it
  • Instantly delivered code, making it a great choice as a last minute gift

Purchase your Pomegranate gift card here.

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