The Ultimate Ring Size Guide

When it comes to buying rings, especially a ring for a special occasion, it is essential that you choose the right size. Here at Pomegranate, we are jewellery and ring experts. Our team have pulled together some invaluable advice about ring sizes, along with a UK ring size chart, to help you make the perfect choice. Check out our ring size guide for more information.

What is ring size?

Rings are measured according to the circumference of your finger. Rings should fit snugly, not too tight that they feel uncomfortable or not so loose that they can fall off!

How do you measure ring size?

There are a couple of main ways that you can measure your ring size. Jewellers will also have ring sizers (and these can be bought online) but there are some straight forward ways to find out your ring size. We recommend measuring between three to four times to ensure you are accurate.

Measure your ring size with string or paper

Start by wrapping the string or paper around the base of your finger. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen. Measure the length with a ruler in millimetres. Then check the chart to find the closest measurement. This is your ring size! If your knuckle is bigger than the base of the finger, measure both and choose a size in between. You can also download and print out our ring measuring guide - it’s even easier to use than the string or paper!

Place a ring you have on the ring chart
You can find out your ring size by placing a ring that you already own and that you know fits on a ring size chart, such as the one in our printable ring guide. Place your ring on the circles until you find the correct one.

What are the average ring sizes in the UK for men and women?

When it comes to wedding or engagement rings – the third finger of the left hand – the average woman's ring size is L ½. For men, the average ring size is Q.

What else do I need to consider? Top tips for measuring ring size

There are other environmental and physical things that can affect ring sizes. Here are a handful of tips that might help you size it right!

● The best time of day to measure your ring size is in the evening. Most people’s fingers tend to be larger in the evening and slimmer in the morning.
● If you are choosing a ring with a deep bandwidth, it may feel tighter so you may need a slightly larger size. Rings with large stones may also ‘lift up’ when they are laid on their side, so you may also need a larger size.
● Fingers can react to temperatures. When it is warm, they tend to swell and when it is cold, they will shrink. Avoid measuring your ring size on a particularly cold or warm day.
● If you are between two sizes, it is always advisable to go up a ring size.
● The dominant hand tends to be a little bigger, so if you are right-handed, for example, the third finger on your right hand may have a slightly larger ring size than your left hand.
● Other factors can affect ring size include exercising, water retention, pregnancy, ageing and weight change.

How can I guess my partner’s ring size?

If you want to surprise your partner, there are a number of ways you can find out their ring size without them knowing. The simplest way is to ‘borrow’ a ring that they already own and wear. If you are buying an engagement ring, this ring will need to go on the third finger of their left hand. It is unlikely they will wear a ring here, so choose one they wear on their middle finger and go down a size or two.

If you are concerned that they will notice the disappearance of the ring, then discreetly draw round the inside circumference, or press it into a bar of soap or some Play-Doh. This will create an imprint that you can take with you to a jeweller to get measured.

Other ideas include enlisting friends or family to help. Get them to go shopping with your partner to try on rings because they are far less likely to arouse suspicion.

UK ring size chart

UK ring sizes vary from A (37.8mm), through to Z (68.5mm). Please see our ring sizes UK chart below, where you will be able to find rings sizes, along with the corresponding circumferences. Please note this is only a guide and may not take into account the style of the ring.

How are UK sizes different from other international ring sizes?

Different countries use different standardised systems for denoting ring size. See our ring size guide UK conversion chart below to make the calculation simple.

Be sure you are clear about the measurements you are using. In the UK and Europe, size is measured in millimetres, whereas in Canada and the US, they measure ring sizes in inches, using a numerical scale with 1/4 and ½ sizes.

What if the ring still does not fit?

Sometimes people require rings to be resized and this involves adding or removing a small amount of metal from the circumference of the ring. Rings can be resized and with the aid of laser sizing this can often be done without removing stones in the process.

Pomegranate rings and the sizes we offer

We typically stock ring sizes L, M, N and O in our designs and a lot of our rings are ‘one of a kind’ pieces that we anticipate will need to be sized for you. It is a good job, therefore, that we have a couple of excellent workshops we work with in Hatton Garden who are past masters in the sizing process. Typically a ring size will take a week plus to process and we will always inform you of any issues or delays.

Still unsure about ring sizes UK?

Download our printable ring size guard. It offers two ways to measure your ring size, so you can always double-check!


If you’re still not sure, please come and see us at Pomegranate, on Kensington Square in London, W8. We will be delighted to help you find out your ring size and advise you about the unique styles we have available.