Show Me Love - Valentine's Day Pink & Red Gemstones

Whether it's all important self love, friendship love or romantic love, Valentine's Day is for indulging in those warm, comforting feelings. If gifting is your love language, Pomegranate have got a stunning selection of handcrafted gemstone jewellery for you to choose from.

Whether it's a grand gesture or a token of how you feel, all jewellery from Pomegranate is presented in the most beautiful packaging, to help ensure the recipient feels extra special.

For our Valentine's Day edit, we've chosen to focus on pink and red gemstone jewellery pieces and you can see our full Valentine's Day collection here.

Show Me Love Top Picks

Rose Quartz Single Drop Earrings £185.00 

Morganite Pebble Pendant Necklace £165.00

Venus Pink Tourmaline Hoop Earrings £60.00

Pia Pink Enamel & Diamond Ring £135.00

Tablet Red Sillimanite Drop Earrings £30.00

Ombre Ruby Gemstone Bead Bracelet £155.00

Alice Ruby Earrings £140.00

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