Stunning New Gemstone Cuff Bracelets From Pomegranate London

We shouldn't have favourites really, should we?
We should love everything we create equally and we do...kind of.
However, we don't ever want to take our eyes off our latest collection of gemstone cuff bracelets!

Gemstone cuffs Pomegranate London

You might not have spotted them yet, but we've recently added lots of absolutely stunning new gemstone cuffs to our existing collection of bracelets and they are so beautiful, they deserve their time in the spotlight!

Trust us when we say you'll covet these precious pieces as much as we do. You know what it's like when you spot something and instatly fall in love with it, but you talk yourself out of it and browse away or leave the shop...but then it keeps popping back into your head?

If you are dead set on avoiding all temptation it's probably best to leave now...but the curious among you will want to read on to see some of our very favourite new gemstone cuff bracelets.

Kelly Multicolour Beryl Cuff Bracelet £995.00

There is no denying, we're head over heels with Kelly cuff - just look at those gemstone colours! Each gemstone in these pieces is hand selected and we choose specifically free-size, organically formed stones making each cuff individual and one of a kind. 

Audrey Iranian Turquoise Cuff Bracelet £395.00

The colour of these Iranian Turquoise gemstones is just stunning, set perfectly in gold. Each gemstone in this Audrey collection of gemstone cuffs is hand selected and we choose specifically free-size, organically formed stones; giving the design an individual charm. 

Aphrodite Sapphire Cuff Bracelet £595.00

Our adorable Aphrodite cuff, set with blue sapphire gemstones.  This cuff bracelet is an unique addition to any jewellery collection and a perfect choice for those looking for a statement piece.  

Audrey Blue Chalcedony Cuff Bracelet £395.00

The Blue Chalcedony in this cuff is completely dreamy. All of the gemstones are hand selected and we use organically formed, free-size stones. A beautifully timeless bracelet.

Bibi Chrysophase Bombe Cuff Bracelet £1,495.00

Our stunning new Bibi Cuff Bracelet is set here with bright green chrysoprase gemstones.  Each gemstone in these pieces is hand selected and each piece is unique making these very special indeed.  

Audrey Tourmaline Cuff Bracelet £455.00

Perfect fro those that love colour, this version of our Audrey cuff bracelet is adorned with beautiful multicoloured Tourmaline gemstones.

Kelly Peridot Cuff Bracelet £795.00

Hand picked, organically formed dazzling green peridot gemstones adorn this cuff bracelet which is made of gold plated sterling silver.

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