Gemstone Bracelets

Gem bracelets worn on their own or stacked up with others, add a gorgeous accent to any outfit.  At Pomegranate Jewellery, we have a stunning range of gemstone bracelets made with care and love and ideal for all. From a delicate charm gem bracelet through to a statement cuff and bangle, we will have individual styles for every occasion and style. 

The Stones Used in Gemstone Bracelets

All of our gemstone bracelet pieces are made in precious metals - either sterling silver or high carat gold.  Katie trained as a gemologist at the GIA and her love of all things gemstone define the collections in store.   The long-established trade with our workshops in India ensure an ethical supply chain and trusted sources of gemstones. 

Our gemstone bracelets make the perfect gift and add a joyous pop of colour.  Our gem bracelets feature many different gemstones, including labradorite, prehnite, tanzanite, tourmaline, green amethyst, aquamarine and apatite. Discover your new favourite in our handcrafted selection.  

Our Selection of Gem Bracelets

We have one of the most impressive selections of gemstone bracelets in UK, so please take a closer look at our selection:

  • Single gem: these pretty, handmade bracelets are set with single gemstones, ready to wear on their own or layered up with others.
  • Single line: These charming bracelets are set with a number of gemstones and are perfect for everyday use or to set off a special outfit.
  • Cuffs and bangles: Whether you want a show-stopping cuff or a classic bangle, our special selection offers a great accompaniment for any wardrobe.
  • Plain – without gemstones: As well as our range of gemstone bracelets, we boast a selection of stunning plain bracelets.

How Pomegranate Bracelets Are Made

Our collections are designed by Katie and each piece is expertly crafted in Jaipur, India.    The Pink City remains ever the main inspiration and Katie’s journeys there, spanning 2 decades, have defined our aesthetic.  The tradition of jewellery making in India is unparalleled and we aim to carefully combine age old techniques of, to name but a few: kundan setting, jadau work and hand carved gemstones with a modern design sensibility.   We are proud of the selection we offer. 

All of our products come in signature gift packaging and our bracelets are perfect for gifts. Shop our online collection or visit our shop on Kensington Square.