A Stunning New Look For The Pomegranate Kensington Shop

It’s been a long time coming and the enforced hiatus of the pandemic delayed our renovation plans but, having been in our shop for over 14 years and with the rest of the building under scaffolding, it felt like the right time to finally smarten ourselves up.  Read on to find out more about our recent renovation and take a look inside the new Pomegranate shop!


Shop refit design work

The cabinets I designed for the initial shop fit had large shelves, fit for lots and lots of stock and I wanted to create the sense then of an emporium - perhaps mirroring the show rooms I knew in India where rummaging through piles of gems and beads was usual practise and I wanted to replicate the experience.

Pomegranate London Kensington Refurbishment

However I could sense that this was a bit over-whelming for some customers and my main aim with the shop re-fit was to create smaller showcase windows and display areas where individual items could shine more.  I wanted us to be able to segment off small 'stories' and collections and help our customers single out preferred styles.

I also wanted cabinets made of wood - this natural surround works best with our organic products and the stark white of our initial shop fit felt ultimately too cold and clinical - I wanted something warmer and more in line with the jewellery that I design.

Kensington shop refurb

I had already worked with Piotr and his team of builders and so knew they were the perfect people for this job. Their eye for detail is everything - as is their craftsmanship.

Our handmade, hand crafted jewellery needs & deserves hand made, hand crafted cabinets. Even our original wooden floor has been transformed under their care and they have worked their magic on every other detail also.

Piotr asked me about a stretch of skirting board that he felt needed upgrading and I questioned whether it was necessary - his look said everything - of course it was! The devil is always in the detail - as much as in the design of our jewellery, as in the minutiae of our shop surrounds.

Next up, to complete the dream team, were Stephen & Philip - not just the best interior designers ever but extended family. I absolutely adore working with them and we have a fluid, collaborative way of designing together.

Mood board

I initially sent them some snap shots of favourite places from my trips to India - colours, arches, finishes and from there they created a mood board. We spoke about cabinets with jewel shaped windows - worried about sight lines - and eventually ended back in my happy place of arches and a gentle nod to my travels.

Jewel Windows

The rattan covered drawers, the velvet cushions and embroidered bolsters add a layer of texture and interest - these details elevate the space and soften the shop environment, making it feel more like a domestic setting than a business one.

I wanted the shop to be a place to dwell also - hence why our new curved sofa takes centre stage - and to make it welcoming and tranquil.

Pomegranate Kensington Shop Refit

The redesign of the space has made it feel so much bigger and has created specially curated spaces for all parts of our collection. The fine gold sits in a private area at the back with its own adjacent seating area and mirror.

The lighting also needs to be warm and inviting - no LED strips please! Pawel worked his magic and we are thrilled with the muted, kind environment the new lightning has created.

Pomegranate Shop Refit Artwork

The icing on the cake was my latest purchase from Anu at Anrad Gallery - a wonderful new Pichwai painting depicting the tree of life and very handily painted in all the colours of our new shop (... it was meant to be!). 

There are still bits and bobs to finish but we are thrilled with the result and can’t wait to show you!