We're Bringing Sparkle Back - Twelve Dazzling Gemstone Pieces

This year we're marking the twelfth night with a selection of twelve dazzling gemstone pieces that are sparkling enough to brighten even the gloomiest of January days!

This year, the Twelfth Night falls on January Friday 5th and marks the end of the 12 nights of Christmas. As well as being a Christian festival marking the coming of the Epiphany, since Victorian times this date has become synonymous with the taking down of Christmas decorations.

Regardless of whether you follow tradition or not though, we think taking the decorations down and recycling the tree is a great way to clear the way for the new year, so whenever you want to do it is the right time!

With the tree gone and no more decorations or fairy lights, we've selected some gorgeous gemstone pieces to bring a bit of sparkle back this January.

Twelve Dazzling Gemstone Pieces To Brighten Your January

1. Pink Sapphire Rosecut Gemstone Ring £395.00

2. Angelina Green Amethyst Earrings £195.00

3. Ava Blue Topaz & Multicolour Gemstone Charm Necklace £295.00

4. Iolite Disc Drop Gemstone Earrings £115.00

5. Pebble Aquamarine Bracelet £450.00

6. Posie Green Amethyst & Peridot Ring £110.00

7. Thalia Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace £125.00

8. Fluorite Bicolour Handcrafted Ring £285.00

9. Jadau Rainbow Moonstone & Diamond Earrings £175.00

10. Citrine Pebble Pendant Necklace £165.00



11. Shay Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Necklace £665.00

12. Felicity Gemstone Charm Bracelet £120.00