Blinging The Blues - Jewellery Trends For 2021

Great article from the NAJ by editor of 'The Jeweller,' Belinda Morris, looking at jewellery trends for 2021 and some gorgeous blue-themed jewellery pieces. Happy to report that some of ours made the grade too! Enjoy!


Blinging the Blues - Trending Jewellery in 2021

09 Mar 2021

Blinging Blues The Jewellers Trendspot NAJ

In the second in our series looking at desirable coloured stone jewellery, The Jeweller editor, Belinda Morris, turns her attention to beautiful blues.

Mention blue gemstones and for many – even after all this time – the image of Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring comes to mind. Hardly surprising – the oval Ceylon sapphire was a 12ct whopper and the ring, now on the Duchess of Cambridge’s third finger, became a much-photographed, much-imitated style.

But let’s move on from that classic – dip into the world of coloured gemstones and there are so many blues to choose from. To me the colour blue is perfect for early spring. While its icier shades can have the ghost of winter about them, they also hold the promise of warmer weather. ‘Blue’ says spring florals, jaunty matelot T-shirts, Mediterranean bays, cloudless skies, Hockney swimming pools, Santorini church domes, faded denim jeans… And there’s a coloured stone for every mood and symbolic gesture… as well as accessorising needs and pocket of course.

Colour therapists explain that blue is a calming colour, bringing peace, relaxation and serenity for mind and body. Its positive aspects include loyalty, tact and trustworthiness (no need to dwell on any negatives). Historically, going back as far as ancient times, different gemstones were prized for a variety of qualities beyond the merely aesthetic. March’s gemstone, aquamarine, for instance, is said to bring prosperity into the lives of those born in that month. What’s not to like about that?

So, what other gems might you look for if positive vibes – as well as beauty – are what you need right now? Blue diamonds… naturally.

  • Blue sapphire (symbolic of wisdom and virtue and protects against poisoning and envy)
  • Blue topaz (for love, good fortune and healing)
  • Turquoise (a symbol of hope – good – and protects from falling… from a horse particularly)
  • Intensely blue lapis lazuli (encourages creativity, helps to bond friendship and Cleopatra’s favourite eye shadow apparently)
  • Bluey-green alexandrite (promotes peacefulness and is a stone of good omen).

You may also come across lazulite, blue-toned opals, blue zircon, blue spinel, labradorite, apatite, azurite… I told you there were lots to choose from.

By way of temptation (for me as well as for you) we’ve rounded up a bevvy of beautiful blue stone jewels from members of the National Association of Jewellers, as well as share pieces we've seen in the sector.

Fill your boots.

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Ana de Costa 18ct white gold, tanzanite and diamond deco ring

Ana de Costa

Tanzanite and diamond 18ct white gold ring.

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Andrew Geoghegan Chocolate Box Blue 18w 500px (2)

Andrew Geoghegan

Aquamarine, indigolite, sapphire in a diamond frame.

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Astley Clarke

Lapis lazuli earrings.


Barbora Rybarova sapphire Royal ring

Barbora Rybarova

Natural uncut sapphire, bordered by sapphires and diamonds.


Code by Edge NEW Aquafiore Something Blue 'O' Earrings 1

Code by Edge

Blue topaz, London Blue topaz and sky blue topaz silver earrings.

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Charlotte Lowe couple on the beach necklace with blue  enamel effect sky and white sapphire (high res)

Charlotte Lowe

Blue enamel pendant.

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Fei Liu Opal 7.95ct, diamonds 2.73ct 96pcs and lazurite 5.1ct 10pcs -top

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

Ring with opal, lazulite and diamonds.

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Gecko – Elements Gold

London Blue topaz and white topaz drop earrings.

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Mirabelle Cora Creole Mini Point Amazonite


Gold plated amazonite earrings.

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Ntinga Paraiba tourmaline


Paraiba tourmaline and diamond 18ct white gold ring.

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PJ Watson blue and pink spinel

P J Watson

Blue and pink spinel 18ct white gold ring.

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Pomegranate labradorite


Silver earrings with labradorite.

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Pomegranate turquoise 02 03 2010451(comp)


Gold earrings with turquoise stones

Explore Pomegranate


Sheila Fleet enamel

Sheila Fleet

Silver pendant with blue enamel

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Sheldon Bloomfield aqua and sapphire

Sheldon Bloomfield

18ct white gold ring with aquamarine centre stone and sapphires

Explore Sheldon Bloomfield


Tivon blue Topaz

Tivon Fine Jewellery

18ct white gold pendant with blue topaz

Explore Tivon Fine Jewellery


Ungar and Ungar blue zircon on black

Ungar & Ungar

Blue zircon 18ct white gold ring, with sapphires, diamonds and enamel frame

Explore Ungar & Ungar


We hope you enjoyed this selection of jewellery incorporating the colour blue in so many creative ways. Use our Find a Jeweller tool below to find more talented and trusted jewellers near you.

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Source: The National Association of Jewellers