Pomegranate Jewellery Featured In The Jeweller Magazine

We always love seeing our jewellery in the press, and this month we're delighted to see some lovely mentions for Pomegranate Jewellery in the Autumn issue of the NAJ magazine, The Jeweller. Read on to see which of our earrings got featured!

The Jeweller Feature Pomegranate Jewellery

Featured Pomegranate Earrings

Moonstone and Labradorite Waterfall Earrings - Delicate beaded statement earrings made of gold plated sterling silver and beaded with moonstone and labradorite. These beauties are actually personal favourites of ours too!

Harlequin Drop Gemstone Earrings - These bold, one of a kind earrings featuring some beautiful, vibrant gemstones which include ruby, amethyst and blue topaz. These earrings are a great statement piece without being too ostentatious.


The Jeweller Feature Pomegranate Jewellery


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