Fresh Green Gemstone Picks For Spring

The association of pastel colours with spring is rooted in the natural changes that occur during this glorious season. We see buds and cherry blossom begin to appear, much-loved annual spring bulbs begin to emerge and we welcome back warmer temperatures and blue sky.

Winter can often feel like an interminable slog and spring generally feels like life opens back up again giving us the sense that the world is once more full of possibilities and wonder. It's such a gloriously positive time of year, one that screams fresh and new and spring colours for us, will always be tied in with nature.

Think of the vibrant green hues of tree buds, the variations of yellows in daffodils, the pinks and lilacs or tulips and the beautiful soft pinks of cherry blossom. In fitting with the season, we've chosen a few of our favourite pieces of jewellery, each one perfectly capturing the spring vibe.

Spring Handcrafted Gemstone Edit

Carved Fluorite & Faceted Fluorite Double Drop Earrings £235.00

A stunning example of one of our favourite decorative techniques, this carved fluorite paired with a faceted fluorite result in a pair of earrings that are both playful and elegant. The star of the show is, without a doubt, the vibrant fluorite gemstones, showcasing the vibrant spectrum of colors that fluorite is renowned for.

Antonia Green Onyx Stud Earrings £40.00

Enjoy a vibrant pop of colour with these vibrant green onyx stud earrings, providing that handcrafted earrings don't need to be fussy or elaborate to make an impact.   

Carved Prehnite Silver Ring £190.00

We couldn't resist sneaking in another carved gemstone, and we adore the vibrant hue of this Prehnite silver gemstone ring.


Faceted Fluorite Single Drop Earrings £165.00

One a kind pair of earrings, set with beautiful green, faceted fluorite gemstones. Simple, but stylish handcrafted silver gemstone earrings.

Betel Leaf Green Amethyst Earrings £120.00

A lovely gemstone earring design with studs shaped like betel leaves - hence the name, in case you were wondering! What could be more spring-like?

Pebble Strawberry Quartz Bracelet £345.00

The combination of gemstone colours in this bracelet makes this a piece that's far too irresistible to leave out. The green and pink strawberry quartz are free-size, organically formed stones resulting in a unique limited edition bracelet that will bring you joy to wear.

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