Pomegranate Join Kensington Local Loyality Scheme Token

Opportunity Kensington provides services and initiatives that support and improve the area centred around Kensington High Street, and as a local independent retailer, this is the kind of thing that Pomegranate can fully get behind.

Proud to be part of our wonderful Kensington community, we, along with many other local businesses, have partnered up with Opportunity Kensington and are delighted to be a part of our local loyalty scheme,Token.

10% Discount with Token Kensington

What is Token?

Token is a local loyalty scheme designed exclusively for those who work, live or do business in Kensington, and using Token opens up access to a host of discounted retail, cultural and dining experiences in the Kensington region.

Signing up for your digital Token card

  • Using your mobile device go here
  • Tap the orange ‘download’ button
  • Enter your email and name and tap ‘Enroll’
  • Add the card to the wallet app of your mobile device

To get your 10% Token discount with us here at Pomegranate, sign up, and then simply present your card in store, to receive your discount!

Learn more abut Opportunity Kensington Token.