Spotlight on Tourmaline Jewellery, The Modern Birthstone For October

Those of us lucky enough to be born in October don't just get one gemstone as their birthstone, oh no, we get two! Whilst Opal was the traditional birthstone for October, it's not the most hardwearing of gemstones and so Tourmaline was thought to be added to provide more choice.

You might have noticed that we're huge fans of Tourmaline at Pomegranate, so we're all for the modern take on the October birthstone which comes in an incredible array of colours, and is a stone we love incorporating into our pieces.

You can find out more about birthstones by taking a look at our blog on birthstones by month, or read on to see some of favourite Tourmaline jewellery picks starting at £75 that make the perfect gift for those born in October.

Tourmaline October Birthstone Jewellery Picks 

Carved Pink Tourmaline Stud Earrings £160.00

We love the delicate pink of these tourmaline limited edition, carved gemstone earrings. These earrings are one of a kind and set with hand cut and crafted gemstones.

Jane Carved Tourmaline & Diamond Pearl Necklace £145.00

A pretty, limited edition necklace with an carved pink tourmaline & diamond set pendant beaded onto a line of pearls.

Elena Tourmaline Line Bracelet £445.00

A bracelet from our range of Limited Edition Gemstone Jewellery and set with a line of marquise shaped tourmaline gemstones with deep red and pink hues.


Clover Tourmaline Earrings £115.00

So, so pretty floral motif earrings set with green and pink tourmaline gemstones. If you're looking for tourmaline earrings, they don't come much prettier than these!

Pebble Green Tourmaline Earrings £195.00

Unique earrings set with deep green tourmaline. All of the tourmalines used in this earring range were hand selected and each pair is one of a kind.

Athena Pink & Green Tourmaline Ring £375.00

A beautiful new collection of rings with each gemstone hand selected on our last trip to Jaipur. The Athena ring is set with two pear shaped gemstones and each ring is unique.

Pip Tourmaline and Aquamarine Hoops £75.00

Playful hoop earrings beaded with tourmalines and aquamarines.

Copacabana Fine Gold & Pink Colour Zone Tourmaline Earrings £495.00

These beautifully organic, raw slices of colour zoned pink tourmaline are simply threaded through with a fine 18K gold hook, letting the beauty of these gemstones take central stage.

Statement Tricolour Tourmaline Ring £895.00

A gorgeous, one of a kind ring set with a tricolour tourmaline with visible red, blue and yellow hues. 

Looking for the perfect gift? Find Tourmaline handmade jewellery and much more in our gifts collection.